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Currently accepting memoir short stories, poetry, essays, articles, blog posts, artwork, photography, videos, audio.

Submissions are addressed to 

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• You may submit up to 2,000 words or 4 poems at a time

• Please provide a title for your work

• Written work must be attached as a Word doc or a PDF file

• Artwork or photography must be attached as a JPG or PNG file

• Video or audio work must be sent as a link from a public or private YouTube or Vimeo account

• Please ensure your work has not been published anywhere else before



• Please write which Stray Words magazine theme you are submitting to and your name in the subject box

• Please provide your full name or pseudonym

• Please write a short 20-50 word introduction about yourself (this may be included in the magazine)

• Please write a short submission synopsis, including why you believe it is a good fit for the current theme 



For questions, please see our FAQ section below or contact us.

For submissions to our literary magazine, please read our guidelines below...

The theme for our upcoming issue is:

The Restless Mind

Dive into the depths of the human psyche. We're seeking submissions that capture the essence of mental wanderings and intellectual endeavours. Whether through poetry, prose, or other experimental forms, we invite writers to explore the complexities of the mind, from fleeting inspiration to haunting regrets. Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of the soul, celebrating the boundless creativity of the literary imagination.

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  • What do you accept?
    We welcome memoir-style works of non-fiction short stories, poetry, essays and articles. We also welcome artwork and photography. As we are a digital magazine we also have the unique ability to welcome video and audio work too. We aren't rigid in the approach to these forms and narratives, and we appreciate pieces anywhere from realistic non-fiction to the genre-bending hybrids. To increase your chances of acceptance, please regularly check our upcoming magazine themes.
  • What don't you accept?
    We have shifting focuses with each magazine issue, so please double-check if we are currently the right fit for one another. We do reserve the right to refuse a submission based on its contents. We do not accept works of full fiction, handwritten submissions, novellas, or novel manuscripts.
  • Can I submit artwork?
    Yes! "A picture tells a thousand words" and we know it! If you are an artist or photography looking to get your original artwork out there in the world please consider submitting to us either with a written piece or standalone. Please refer to our submission guidelines for more details.
  • Can I submit a video?
    As we are a digital magazine we have the unique ability to welcome video and audio work too! If you are an video or audio creator looking to get your original work out there in the world please consider submitting to us either with a written piece or standalone. Please refer to our submission guidelines for more details.
  • Do you accept blog contributions?
    Absolutely! We are continuously working on our blog and would love to read any contribution ideas. Please email us at regarding any submission. Blog post contributors are always given named credit for their pieces.
  • What languages do you accept?
    Currently, we accept submissions written in English or with the majority of the writing in English. We do accept submissions from all countries if they are written in English.
  • Do I need an agent to send my work?
    No, you do not need an agent to submit to us. The main purpose of Stray Words is to give everybody a fair chance at publication. We believe that every word has value, and every story deserves to be told. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned writer, Stray Words is the perfect step for anyone looking to get their personal writing out into the world without the help of an agent.
  • Do I get credit for my writing?
    We provide named credit to all that get accepted into our magazine and/or website. A short introduction of yourself that you have provided with your submission may also make it into the magazine if you are comfortable with this. As a small, indie magazine we can not yet provide financial payment or royalties for your work.
  • How long does it take to hear back from us after submitting?
    Someone from our editorial team will be in touch with you after the review process. This usually takes between 1-3 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us after 3 weeks, please feel free to contact us for an update on your submission. Regardless of the outcome, we always aim to respond.
  • Can I re-submit?
    A piece that has been rejected can be submitted again for the next magazine issue – this is due to the magazine's ever-changing themes and focus points. What might not be the best fit for us now, could be perfect for a different issue! You are also more than welcome to submit a different piece of work to us, please check the submissions guide for more details.
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