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The Whole

By Sabrina Hudson

And let us get back into old routine,

Habits instilled upon me from who knows where,

I am what I do and say and think,

As I always have been,

Never to change, always to try to change,

Not change, merely adapt,

To better myself because the ways of how I go about my life,

Are carved with a light blade in my hollow bones,

And are poisoned into my blood so that I almost bleed silver.

Poison is such a harsh word, a dirty word,

And can something be poisoned if it is learnt slow and captured hard,

I am what I do and say and think,

And as I always am,

I come back to this,

Words that ramble, thoughts that echo,

And actions that do very little in one sitting,

But, one sitting is not a life and one life is all together.

So, the key, it seems to be, to take a step back,

Let the old routine flow, let the habits remain implanted,

Because you can do very little after the mind has been crafted,

And the body has been moulded,

I am what I do and say and think,

Let it be and let us not find who we are,

For who we are has always been.

You are not lost but you are trying to be found.


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